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you with 0 experience
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the road from inexperienced developer to crackerjack with these six easy steps

instead of building a to-do app over and over again, you'll get interesting projects to work on (cool apps and sites), code reviews and mentorship. this way, you will get much-needed experience and chance to be hired by companies. all this for free!

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the road from small company to international giant in few steps

many companies are in search for developers, who are already in short supply. with blablaDev, companies will get detailed statistics about best developers and their projects, but also the possibility of publishing their own projects. instead of spending three to six months on the training of a new developer, they can hire vetted developers.

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blablaDev is a coding hub that mentors developers through code reviews so companies can hire the best ones easily. resources for developers are all around the web, there's thousand learning sites, blogs and videos that'll teach them coding, yet, none of them will tell them is that piece of code any good. is there a better way to do that? more optimization can't hurt, right? can it go to production? can you run a project from start to finish? while the client is cutting the deadline? that's why we're here for.

while giving back to the community and helping others, we make ranking lists and allow companies to cherry pick the best suitable developers for their company. no more babysitting new developers and wasting your money, hire the best ones that will propel your company to the top!


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